What is Hair Removal?

Renaissance light,which differs from laser light in that it dosen't contain harmful rays
such as visible light rays and short-wave infrared waves, makes use of Pulse Light,
which is much easier on your skin than harmful rays.Since Pulse Light has a lower enrgy output,
it can radiate for a longer period of time and thus reach the lower levels of the skin.


About the Hair-Life cycle.
Hair has a life span of its own.After growing for a fixed period of time, the division of the hair-
root cells decreases and the hair enters into a regression period.Following this,
depilation(falling out of the hair)occurs.This is referred to as the "hair-cycle.
This fixed-period cycle,which continually repeats itself,has three periods.
➀The growth petiod.
➁The regression period
③The rest period.
Depending on the area of the body,the length of this cycle differs.Also,not all hair,which
goes through this cycle,can be seen from the surface. Around 20% to 30% of all body hair
is visible from the surface.


What is Photofacial?

The Photofacial light acts on the fibroblast cells(skin cells which release both collagen and elastin) giving your skin its resilience and luster.
This treatment also acts on the skin's 'turn-over' leading to an improved skin condition
and a reduction in excess facial hair.
The Photofacial course makes use of
➀Steam face cleansing
➁Corroid Lamella(plugged pores) removal
③Iontophoresis(Ion intrduction process which reaches the deeper level of the skin)
④Facemask treatment.
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What is Skin Turnover?

New skin cells are continually being born. Gradually,the old cells peel off followed by the
appearance of new skin cells.This process is called 'Skin-Turnover'.


What is Slimming Treatment?

This treatment involves the massaging of areas containing cellulite(hardened lumps of
subcutaneous fat).
The treatment is carried out with a specialized Cellulite Roller which uses suction on the skin
to loosen the hardened lumps of cellulite.
※Please be advised that if the cellulite is too hard, there is a chance that pain may accompany
the treatment.
To effectivly remove cellulite,please keep in mind that it is important to increase your
basal metabolism as much as possible.This can be done in three ways.
①A regular routine of aerobic exercise.
➁The body should be kept warm so as to improve circulation
③After the internal waste matter has been loosened and removed through the process
of 'Lymph Drainage' following the Slimming Treatment, it is impotatnt to replenish
the body's decreased fluid content through rehydration.
Keeping the above mentioned three points in mind will greatly enhance the effectiveness
of the Slimming Treatment
☆It is often saidnthat after burning away the excess body fat,the cellulite seems to
go away!


Kika. un Salon is a completely private salon where one can realize their ideal beauty while achieving a state of complete relaxation.

At Kika. UN SALON we strive to respond to each clients individual needs and concerns.
We begin treatment only after a complete and thorough councelling session has been
conducted.More than anything, we want our clients to say "I'm glad I came to

From the bottom of our hearts,we want to welcone you to KIKA. UN SALON so you can
for yourself the warmth of our treatment in a relaxed atmosphere.
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KIKA. UN SALON is a place where you can be relaxed and feel comfortabel!

Esthetician & Therapist



IEA International Esthetic Association
Total Beauty College Graduation
Ministry of Health and Welfare licensed International Esthetic Business cooperative・
Medical Care Association Technical Certification acquisition
Department/  Anatomy ・ Physiology ・ Nutrition 


~What is Beauty?~
Although beauty can be seen as one kind of value-sense/value-consciousness,each
individuals face is unique and special.
The beauty that I envison has no universally fixed definition.
The kind of 'Beauty' that I idealize is as follows:
The 'Beauty' of people who spare no efforts to achieve their goals
The 'Beauty'of people who enjoy change
The 'Beauty' of people who live their lives carefully and attentively
The 'Beauty'of people who respect themselves as they respect others
The'Beauty' of people who can enjoy beauty for its own sake
The'Beauty'of people who seek tranquiloity of heart and peace of mind
The 'Beauty' of people who can enjoy all that life has to offer with
positiveness and confidence.
It is our mission at KIKA.UN SALON to help each individual acheive their own


  • Photo Facial

  • Slimming treatment

  • Hair removal ( Samll Area )

    Face,Mustache,Chin,Cheeks,Back of the hand,Top of foot,Area surrounding the navel
  • Hair removal ( Large Area )

    Arms,Legs ,Back


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